Friday, January 25, 2008

a fall day in winter

i've been trying to get my flickr updated and in the process came across this series of photos from a lovely fall day in seattle this past november. being that it is winter these look so wonderful. the artsy ones were taken by hubby love.

fancy baby

i don't have a baby (yet) but man the stuff available to dress up your little one is almost enough to drive a fashion loving girl straight down the baby path.

i bought these last week. they were just too cute to pass up and my "someday baby" will really look great in them.

i haven't bought these but i sure will when i need to. can't you just see the little butt crawling down the hall away from you in these. so freak'n cute.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

pillow time

i've been a busy maker of things this past week or so. this weekend i made six scarfs (most are already up on etsy) last night i decided to take a break from scarfs and make a pillow. this was a bit of a tedious task but i just worked away while watching project runway all evening (victorya went home. can i get a "Hell Ya!" If Kit had to go she totally did. And how can you not even smile when you win a challenge?) and actually finished the embellishments. tonight i hope to finish it up and i will post the results. so here are some photos of the process. looks like a great way to spend and evening right?

weetzie and hubby did some studying while i worked. isn't she lovely.