Wednesday, March 05, 2008

esty find: betty oatmeal

came across an awesome designer, Karen Davisson of Betty Oatmeal, on etsy today and she works right here in seattle. check it out.

super beautiful craftswomanship. i love her use of vintage towels and needlepoint. i have a number of these myself and have been wondering what i could make with them. don't think i could do this, maybe a pillow.

her profile says she does custom work (hello wedding dress) and that her studio is open for visits!

for more of her work see her myspace page.

Monday, March 03, 2008

happy monday

it's monday today. it's a good monday. i had a pretty good/productive weekend. we super cleaned the house on saturday. it was sunny all weekend so rudi and i got a few walks in and played with some doggie friends. i made a couple pillows here's one that i posted on etsy.i'm liking the pillow making. i think i will spend the week seeing what i can do for the world of pillows.

Saturday we had the McG's over for dinner (Fenix is getting so big and cute!) and hubbylove made an amazing bread pudding. we are starting a 14 day cleanse so i will be thinking foundly of it during this time of no wheat, sugar or dairy.

Oh, i forgot about friday. After an insense presentation at work that went really well, the night started with happy hour with T and L, then we ended up back at my office where a crazy flip cup tournoment was taking place. wow. i love were i work.
we are well on our our way with our portland house buying adventure. i looks like we will be in a dream house by June. 10 years in seattle and only a few more months to go. crazy.

hope your monday is good one.