Friday, August 31, 2007

want some awesome stuff?

you can find me and all my vintage delights at the very first
Punk Rock Flea Market

Saturday, September 15, 2007
10:00 am to 12:00 midnight
2407 1st Ave. in Belltown (seattle)

Not too sure what to expect but I'm going and looking forward to it. There will be bands starting at 6pm. The market opens at 10am so I don't think I will sell past 6 or so, so come early! As we get closer i'll give you my blog readers a special preview! If you are going to be there too let me know.

The Underground Events Center, Belltown's newest off-the-map
clubhouse, is hosting Seattle's first-in-a-long time PUNK ROCK FLEA
MARKET! The Punk Rock Flea Market will be held on Saturday September
15 at 2407 1st Ave. in Belltown, in the big basement bar formerly
known as the Downunder. Doors open at 10:00 am. Live bands take the
stage at 6:00 pm, with music from local acts Tiny Manhood, the Sea Donkeys & Geist.

Whether you're into vintage treasures, hunting for new music, looking
for customized clothing, hoping for handcrafted household goods or a
searching for a "gently used" Macbook, you'll be sure to find many
hidden treasures at this Belltown bazaar.

For this first experiment, we are featuring creators and purveyors of
secondhand and vintage clothing, housewares, used records, cds,
videos, books, buttons, political propaganda, tote bags made of felt
and feathers, handmade herbal soaps and candles, body balms, lotions
and bath salts, cards and postcards, action figures, knick-knacks,
clutter, lampshades, belt buckles, bicycles, jewelry, comic books,
video games and gaming systems, computer hardware, screenprinted
t-shirts, art prints, buttons, baby clothes, leather goods, haircuts,
massage and acupuncture, on-site tailoring, toys, smoking
paraphernalia, tattoos, face painting and much much more.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

hanging light AKA chandelier

i've been avoiding asking questions here in my blog even though i have many and would love to get some ideas and feedback from my creative readers. but since I've just started i haven't wanted to assume there was anyone there to answer my questions, but my analytics tell me there are at least 30 of you out there daily. i know that's not much in the blogging world but it makes me happy and now someone is there and i'm ready to ask a question.

have you ever made a chandelier or other hanging light? if so any advice? do you have a picture you would like to share for inspiration?

i've been thinking of starting a grand work of art. i want to make it big, shinny and super intricate. i'm thinking fabric. maybe stuff from nature painted.

i've been looking for inspiration online but only found a few of interest.

sneak peek

i'm going to post these beauties in my shop today. although i must say it is hard to part with them.
p.s. i sold my first item on etsy today! feels good.


This weeks finds:

1. Ornate frame with red velvet. I foresee a new print from etsy living in here.
2. Vintage fabric with "Preserving and Pickling" motif
3. Cute elephant with butterfly figurine
4. Green vinyl seventies ski gloves
5. Drink glasses with red cross that say "Drink Aid"

1. Gold flower wall decor
2. Serious old frame to paint and add another etsy print!
3. Decoupage supply kit. How fun!
4. White duckling figurine. I'm so into white objects and vessels. I'll have to do a montage of them soon.
5. Soft fabric with circle designs. Good baby blanket material.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

girl wisdom

my sixteen year old sister wrote the following bulletin on my space yesterday.

" Do you honestly think that it's appropriate to have pictures of yourself on myspace where you are practically naked.I mean don't you have any common decency?! Really now.. you aren't gonna get anywhere in life if you go around showing yourself off like that.. It's ridiculous how girls think if they show some skin then they are considered cool.. Where is the self respect people, do you not understand that by doing this you are only teaching boys and men to look at you as a sex objects and not as a person. It's basically sickening.. Haha You don't need to show yourself off to be attractive, less is more. Leave some stuff to the imagination.. Duh!!!!! But anyways I only wish the best for you w****s out there.. Hopefully you will soon realize that your worth more than that. But I've said enough! I hope you all have a wonderful evening!! ♥[a]."

She is a super funny girl and know she has a really interesting future in front of her. It's nice to see her personal voice coming through. And she walks the talk, she is beautiful and attractive but I've never seen her even flirt with the sleazy side of sexy. Way to go Ashley. Love you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a little something extra

i am fan of anyone who does a little something extra. particularly in reguards to entertaining and creatating/decorating the enviroments we spend a lot of time in. for example if you are going to have a bbq in a park why not take everything out of the plastic bags and set everything out on the picnic table neatly? why not bring a cloth tablecloth (sheets work great) little bits of attention to details like this create a better environment and the photos look better.

remember the thrown together half pipe you used to hang around and skate or watch your boyfriend skate. now check this one out...
pretty awesome. something extra went into this. way to consider your environment Tim.
photos from Dwell's "Show Your Space"

etsy: new items for your home

these are the most precious little glasses. i just wish you could hold them and feel how cute they are. if you would like them go here.
here's a little something special for your kitchen. i guarantee that no one else will have these. check them out here.

Monday, August 27, 2007

quoted (or the blog linking equivalent)

The Hostess with the Mostess quoted my blog! I'm so excited because as far as i know this is the first time another blogger has done this, and it was about my cake platter entry which I love. I'm having such a great time writing, posting and connecting with people here. this just makes my day. Thanks Hostess!

while you are there check out her Recipe Box

shop: threadless 10 buck sale

ten dollar sale is going on over at Threadless.

i like this one.
i really want to submit a design. it would be so fun if it won. i did submit a couple slogans but they are running at 6% and 13% "Like it" I don't think Threadless shoppers know a good slogan when they hear one. who wouldn't want a shirt that said Make any Excuse to Eat Cake. come on!

after a battle with the waves

Thursday, August 23, 2007

cabin life

me, the hubby, rudi and a group of our closest friends are going to a lake cabin this weekend.

I hope it is relaxing as this looks.....

I hope we have as much fun and go as crazy as this guy....
and that our nights are as beautiful and warm feeling as the photos for credits.

decorating: wall paper love

Yesterday Design*Sponge had a posting about Fern Living and I just had to share these awesome new wall papers she wrote about with you. It's beautiful things like this that just make me ache to have my own house.

All of the patterns are wonderful but I'm most attracted to these

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

designer travel

we have a 1966 dodge dart station wagon and it is a beauty. i was thinking this morning about being on the road. i love watching the scenery go by. i actually really love looking at the ground on the side of the road. it's like a natural collage made up of what the area has to offer and what people left behind.

the one thing that i don't like is that the other cars on the road don't really add to the beauty and intrigue of the experience. wouldn't it have been great be on a road trip when the cars were works of art?

Cars are such a big part of our world now i'd like to see a bit more art, design and inventiveness in car design. wouldn't you? what if they landscape of cars was as diverse as the landscape of a neighborhood. wouldn't it be fun to express your own personal design aesthetic in with your car?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

etsy find: coasters and bags

check out sidney ann

really beautiful items.

pink and cowhide. perfect.

i really like the coasters made of vintage scarves.

Monday, August 20, 2007

thriftylicous: thistle cup

i really like small delicate cups and glasses. using a unique cup make everything taste better. i recently found this little beauty. it's for my Scottish friend. it's a Scottish thistle.

isn't it graceful?

Friday, August 17, 2007

moment: elbow

open for buisness

i just finished posting my first items for sale on etsy! take a look at the badge on the right. i'm going to be selling fabric, vintage objects and items i make. i'm hoping to support my thrift shopping addiction with my profits:) will you help and addict?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

blue rooster

i purchased this lovely painting from Handmaid etsy shop. i got it in the mail all they way from Israel last week and we are so enjoying it. i hung it in the kitchen and placed my new blue stool (thriftylicous)underneath it. The photos don't really do the perspective justice but take my word the combination is fabulous.

the painting is on a really beautiful piece of wood and the painting it's self is full of detail. i'm not sure what my attraction to chickens and roosters is but i like them. can you spot the other rooster in these photos?

thanks julie!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

fingerprint wedding bands

thanks {frolic!}

don't buy 10 baby chickens because they are so cute!

went to a UX event last night hosted by Zaaz. pretty fun. among the speakers was the guy who is responsible for the above site (check it out, it's really fun) as was the man behind Common Craft (there is fun to be had here too) and Emma Rose a research at Design for Digital Inclusion (just the name gets my mind going) and Jason Carmel who works a Zaaz in site optimization (his talk was titled "Effective Use of Kittens: Site Optimization and User Experience" i'll just let you think about that. his side project is Wish Radar)

ryan has a great wrap up of the night here so i'll just let you read that if you're interested (couldn't say it better than him) but i will shamelessly take credit for this:

"Some great conversation followed in the panel q & a. In particular folks wondered whether social networks would adapt over time as their constituents aged or whether age segments would migrate from one demographic-focused social network to another. Obviously, today's 80 year old is different from the 80 year old of 20 years from now--how will social networks evolve as today's heavy users age and new generations emerge?" - ryan turner

this was my question! yeah for me. ha. just kidding but i did think the discussion was pretty good. i left wondering if the lines between all demographics are just becoming to muddy to really put money on particularly where age is concerned. jason also made the point that the future lies in portable profiles so your investment in one site becomes so much less that you can leave online communities as you move through demographics.

lots to think about. thanks Zaaz!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

more cake

this is the first cake to grace my new cake pedestal. it is a zucchini cake with lemon curd in the middle and cream cheese/lime juice frosting and it was delicious. the recipe is from How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson. isn't that the most wonderful title for a book. check out the first photo on her home page, seems as though i might be on my way to domestic goddessness!

moment: tropical seattle?

we've been having a pretty mild summer here in Seattle. but you'd never know it from this photo. i took this yesterday at the beach near my house.
oh, and this is Rudi by super cute, love dog.

Monday, August 13, 2007


my friend recently posted a this lovely piece of graffiti on her site and I was inspired.

kites are a lovely piece of imagery and i had forgotten all about them. I'm going to work on something with a kite on this this week. who knows maybe kites are the new birds or deer heads.

a quick search of Etsy brought me to this lovely pendant that I had to buy.
from: Paraphernalia

Look at some of the other designs they have. I haven't really seen this type of thing before and I really like it.