Wednesday, August 01, 2007

my camera broke

life is so interesting. just as i was really starting to do something that my camera is completely necessary for (setting up and etsy shop, returning to blogging) it just died.

so i have to buy another. a friend had recently done some research on inexpensive cameras and decided on this one.

i really like it. it has the what i need, including image stabilization with helps you take better photos in low-light. my current camera does a great job in natural light but inside it is not so good. this camera is also super cute, which is a bonus. i'm going to look around a bit but i think i might go with this one.

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Lauren Daniels said...

When I was deciding on a new camera, this Lumix camera was also one of my "finalists" - however, I went with a Canon because I had great experiences with Canon in the past, and the functionality was pretty much the same if not better than the Lumix - and the price was better too! You might consider the Canon - I'll send you the link to mine later :)