Monday, August 06, 2007

ice cream cone cup cakes

Oh my goodness! i was just brought back to a very happy time. see this? this is a classic ice cream cone filled with cupcake. my mom used to make these for my birthday. she would top them with ice cream not frosting like you see here.

thanks for the memory Cup Cake Blog

My mother was the best maker of birthday parties. she attended to every detail and made sure there was something to make you go "Wow!" or "oooooohhh." Most years she would help me and my sisters hand make a pinata that she would decorate with tissue paper. She would bring it to my school so my class could help me celebrate. This was always a total hit and made me out as a very cool little girl.

i will have to tell you about our amazing handmade costumes when the season comes around.

thanks for giving me the entertaining gene momma.

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