Thursday, August 09, 2007

is this a journey?

you know that saying "It's the journey not the destination"? My college used it, "Education is a journey not a destination". I've been thinking a bit about it. What does that mean for an average person who goes to work everyday.

I have about a half hour each way commute to my workplace, and everyday I take the same route there and the same route back. Exhibiting such routine behavior isn't normally part of my nature but with this trip there is no way around it. It is just faster and safer to take these routes.

So a big part of my personal physical journey for the past 2 1/2 years has been this drive and I really really don't like it. I listen to music, NPR, podcasts. I think. I don't talk on the phone if I can help it. I space off. I think about my work. I drink coffee. But none of this keeps me happy for very long. This journey is more like standing still, going backwards or spending time in prison.

I've got to change something and find some bit of the "Journey" in this commute. I started by taking the below photos while driving to work yesterday. It's interesting to really look at the places I zoom by in my little silver bug.

here's what I see:

Bumbershoot billboard. I worked on that festival for 5 years and I am so happy with how far I've come since then.
Space Needle. Living in Seattle is super cool. Good to remember. I friend of mine worked on some really cool interactive exhibits here.
Viaduct. A rickety old elevated highway that has earthquake damage and should be torn down. I'm thankful when I can drive over without being stopped by traffic. It also reminds me that I am happy I didn't go into politics or city planning which were both on my list.
Baseball Stadium. I have great friends who love baseball. going to a baseball game at the old stadium was the first time I came to Seattle. I was 12.
The streets are clean. That is nice. There are lot's of lovely respectful people that live here. I had a great time meeting a number of them at the neighborhood bbq on Tuesday night.
Cargo Containers. A lot of people are doing art and building structures with these. I might want to do that someday.
The Bug dashboard. This is a great car to spend time in. And how cool that I can afford a nice car.
Clouds. Is moving to Northern California ever going to be an option for us? There are lot's of nice things about winter and fall here.

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