Thursday, November 29, 2007

Punk Rock Flea Market II

Hi Ya'll,

This weekend I will have space at the second Punk Rock Flea Market. Last time was awesome and there will be twice as many vendors this time, so come down and do some christmas shopping.

I am working away at a bunch of really super sweet scarfs and of course i have all of my hand selected vintage items for your home.

See you then!

When: This Saturday, December 1 2007, 10am - 5pm
Where: Underground Events Center in Belltown
2407 1st Ave Seattle, WA

Thursday, November 22, 2007

thanksgiving all around

we are enjoying a visit with our relatives in Minnesota this week. we are taking photos and i'm sure you are doing the same with your peeps today. i took a moment to see how the rest of the world spends their thanksgiving and found a few photos that really tell the story of this holiday. these photos all say so much i could write a short story for each of them (anyone want to try that? I'll post here if you do) I will also post any photos of your thanksgiving plate filled to the brim. i love food pictures, even thought my Minnesota mom and dad make fun of me everytime i take them!

enjoy. and have a great day.

Friday, November 16, 2007

for my walls

i love wall decals. i have since i first noticed them a few years back. but for some reason i've never actually purchased any. which is odd because i love decorating and i have always lived in rentals. So i recently redid my sewing/crafting studio and now I want some decals.

there are so many lovely ones out there. i'm having a hard time deciding. here are a few I found on etsy. enjoy!


i love decorating things that aren't traditionally decorated.vital

i love the 3D nature of these.

cute is always good

*where have i been you maybe asking? working, sick :(, sewing and preparing for a baby shower. i can't wait to show you all photos of the baby shower, it happens on Sat so check in next week for photos. i will also be sharing photos of the new awesome space i get to work in at home. everyone starting their holiday crafts?

we leave for MN on Sunday to visit our lovely midwest family. Yeah! we are taking Rudi as a carry-on so wish us, luck i'm a bit nervous but we could imagine going home without our little boy. happy friday!