Friday, November 16, 2007

for my walls

i love wall decals. i have since i first noticed them a few years back. but for some reason i've never actually purchased any. which is odd because i love decorating and i have always lived in rentals. So i recently redid my sewing/crafting studio and now I want some decals.

there are so many lovely ones out there. i'm having a hard time deciding. here are a few I found on etsy. enjoy!


i love decorating things that aren't traditionally decorated.vital

i love the 3D nature of these.

cute is always good

*where have i been you maybe asking? working, sick :(, sewing and preparing for a baby shower. i can't wait to show you all photos of the baby shower, it happens on Sat so check in next week for photos. i will also be sharing photos of the new awesome space i get to work in at home. everyone starting their holiday crafts?

we leave for MN on Sunday to visit our lovely midwest family. Yeah! we are taking Rudi as a carry-on so wish us, luck i'm a bit nervous but we could imagine going home without our little boy. happy friday!


Jill said...

I love the wall deco's! I might use some of those to spruce up our rental.

I also sympathize with your worries about flying your pet, we had to fly our 2 kitties to Seattle with us when we moved. I worried the entire flight here but they arrived safe and sound :)

Abbey said...

me too! I saw those toilet decals too and LOVED them. Thanks for great post! (ps blogland missed you, glad everything is okay).

Beth Lisa Goss, Wire Tree said...

What an awesome idea! I bought some for my daughter but now I think my bathroom needs a pick me up.