Saturday, April 25, 2009

DIY is alive around the world.

These shots are from a flea market in Santiago, Chile . I would love to take a series of trips focused on the new wave of handi-crafts. Going to have to start looking and planning:)

Check out the blog entry, I found it on NotCot.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Picnic Table

hi. it's hubby. how are you? well, where to begin...
it's a perfect 4 seater with plenty of head room for sure.
seems solid. safe. handles real easy, too
this picnic table is such a cinch to make you'll be cruising to comfort in your own yard in less than a day.

here's how it panned out for me...
$10.89 worth of reclaimed lumber from habitat for humanity restore.
$7.99 for a box of decking screws from my favorite hardware store in town.
$5 for sandpaper.

$23.88 for a picnic table? what a great deal! now, i could have spent $5 on petro co's wood sealer and kept the price under $30, but since getting by on the cheap,
i sprung for some of ms. nature's good stuff.

$31.99 for osmo's wood and concrete sealer from ecohaus. this blonde/red stain brushed on forgivingly (watch the drips) and one coat left a wonderful-to-touch surface that i'm looking forward to wearing down over the seasons to come.

not including the six pack, that's a $55.87 picnic table.

design from portland space's may/june 2008 issue.
somehow my copy survived dirt, mud, sawdust, beer, rain & snow...

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

cardboard coasters

Loving these recycled cardboard coasters from Particularly loving that they are actually made of mostly recycled cardboard and naturally derived glues and not just trying to appear eco. Like duct tape wallets....on first look they give you the feeling of reused but in the end you realize they are just another product using new materials, I can't imagine what it takes to make duct tape!


If you like the duct tape wallet then you will really love the products that will be coming out of almost launched company MilkMunny. Eco and supports a good causes. That's fashion I can get behind.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

poster one

playing around with some art ideas. how do you like this one?