Thursday, August 11, 2005

my feelings on "krab"

first i totally feel the pain of the fish who's previously tasty flesh is then smashed and filled with food coloring and then given the embarrassing name Krab.

but it is kinda cool that no one can say the word "Krab" without using hand gestures.

i once wanted some crab but when i walked up to the seafood case at my local Whole Foods and saw the outrageous price I thought, "Oh, well I guess I'll have to have Krab instead." so I marched up to the nearest seafood counter worker and asked where the "krab" was and oh, my god! the look on the man's face was that of confusion, hate, disgust and pity. I then realized what I had just done.

I asked for krab in the most anti krab place I could.

i kinda want to do it again...

you know how when you get a fresh crab from the truck on the side of the road on the coast and take it home and start cracking it open to get to the yummy meat out and then your fingers start stinging. it's like putting whiskey on an open wound.

Well i think we should only eat krab to save the poor workers from having to work all day with painfull crab juice on thier hands.

nice topic jordi

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


is swallowing me.....vacation can hurt you in the aftermath.

wish i was drinking wine on the porch with you both.

i am having a good hair day though. and my tanned skin makes me look like i come from the priviladged class.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the Bachelorette party

remeber this ladies? this always makes me happy.
the Bachelorette party