Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Election Etsy Finds

i just bought this wonderful poster on etsy. have you seen all the election stuff people are making? there is a ton of it. i love that you can buy handcrafted election stuff. it seems that this election is really inspiring the craft world.

from my little search through etsy it seems that Obama is the most inspiring although there is still a lot of McPalin fans in there. boooooo. really? you never know who is lurking in your community. but what i found super surprising was how many shops had items supporting both sides. really? you are so indifferent to the enormity of this election and the effect it will have on us and the entire world that you sit back and try and make $6.50 on a pendant or $2.50 on a button instead of making a real statement? these people may just be more evil than the McPalin supporters.

Here are few items i really liked.

If I had a little girl she would be in pony tails everyday until the election.
One Plaid Aunt

great design. one of the best i've seen.

look! shadow puppets. me=love these.
don't forget to make sure you are registered. you can call your county election office and they can check in about 1min.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kitchen Update

So stage one of the kitchen install is almost done. it has worked out so much better than we even thought. check out the amazing counter top color, out of the box it was much duller but after the first application of mineral oil the true beauty came out. We are also really please with the layout. the large surface under the window is wonderful and if someone is working there they are out of the way of the person at the stove. I can't wait to make our first big meal.

everything was effected by this work.


today is my birthday! woot!

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Libra's out there.

i don't have much planned due to a busy couple weeks but i will find someway to make today special... actually, all the well wishes and happy birthday's from all my friends and family has already made it special. i can feel everyone's good vibes buzzing through me!