Sunday, December 21, 2008

winter in portland

This is what it looks like at our house today. As you can see, we won't be driving anywhere today.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Crafty Wonderland this Sunday!


I will be here tomorrow. Hope to see you there! I have a lot of wonderful new scarves.

it's at the Doug Fir Lounge from 11am- 4pm

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Election Etsy Finds

i just bought this wonderful poster on etsy. have you seen all the election stuff people are making? there is a ton of it. i love that you can buy handcrafted election stuff. it seems that this election is really inspiring the craft world.

from my little search through etsy it seems that Obama is the most inspiring although there is still a lot of McPalin fans in there. boooooo. really? you never know who is lurking in your community. but what i found super surprising was how many shops had items supporting both sides. really? you are so indifferent to the enormity of this election and the effect it will have on us and the entire world that you sit back and try and make $6.50 on a pendant or $2.50 on a button instead of making a real statement? these people may just be more evil than the McPalin supporters.

Here are few items i really liked.

If I had a little girl she would be in pony tails everyday until the election.
One Plaid Aunt

great design. one of the best i've seen.

look! shadow puppets. me=love these.
don't forget to make sure you are registered. you can call your county election office and they can check in about 1min.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kitchen Update

So stage one of the kitchen install is almost done. it has worked out so much better than we even thought. check out the amazing counter top color, out of the box it was much duller but after the first application of mineral oil the true beauty came out. We are also really please with the layout. the large surface under the window is wonderful and if someone is working there they are out of the way of the person at the stove. I can't wait to make our first big meal.

everything was effected by this work.


today is my birthday! woot!

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Libra's out there.

i don't have much planned due to a busy couple weeks but i will find someway to make today special... actually, all the well wishes and happy birthday's from all my friends and family has already made it special. i can feel everyone's good vibes buzzing through me!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

waffles, carts and the portland street

if you live in or have ever been to portland you know that there is a food cart culture here. food lovers with a vision take over little pieces of land, often vacant lots on a street with lots of foot traffic, park a trailer and start making food. i like this for a couple reasons.

1. low risk. the price of starting up a trailer restaurant has to be so so much less than starting a traditional restaurant so this allows for people to actually get into the food game without a trust fund or going into crazy debt. i imagine this brings a diversity to the ownership that you can't find in the regular restaurant business.

2. the carts are cute. having a sweet little cart, some seating and decor filling up a vacant lot on a walking street is brilliant. a neighborhood can blossom without a lot of capital rich developers coming in. it also adds a wonderful vibe to the street to have people working outside, you can wave at them when you walk by. i like that.

3. food container innovation. there are so many more ways to serve food than just on a plate. i particularly love food wrapped in a small piece of paper. little waste, including the water and soap used to clean real plates. plus there is an opportunity for artistic expression.

What do you like about street carts? What are your favorite carts?

this is a waffle from Little Blue Waffle Wagon* near my house. it is beautiful, the ladies who made it were lovely and it tasted supper yummy. there are a few reviews on yelp and they pretty much say it all so I'll pass you over there. *LBWW did have a website I could find. boo!

stay tuned for more reports from the street carts of portland.

*LBWW did have a website I could find. boo!

Monday, September 29, 2008

kitchen update

i've been busy if you can imagine but I wanted to quick put an update photo.  this is what it looks like right now.

This is miller paint: summer olive. Don't you love it! I can't wait to see the cupboard fronts on. We had to make a change of plans with the flooring.  we want to use the Click Marmoleum so we don't have to put a new subfloor down and pay someone a bunch to install the tricky Marmoleum sheets but the Click only comes in 16 colors! But the regular marmoleum comes in 250. Such a bummer.  But I think the new pick will be even better. We are looking at a really great cork now. I'll update later on that and tell you about the great flooring company we found. 

gotta run.

we also painted the inside of the hall pantry pink.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Kitchen: Colors and mid week progress

Things are going well. We are a couple days behind on our original schedule but for good reason and we are feeling really good about it all. We decided to replace the window and then when we did the plumbing work it became clear that the drywall on one wall just needed to be replaced.

Here is were we are with colors. The gray is the cupboard front, the blue is the floor and the green will be a few of the walls (green is showing quite a bit more yellowy in these photos). We both decided very easily on this pallet and it fits really well with the rest of the house and looks great with the nature you can see through the sliding door, blending well with the outside was important for me. I want to create seamless movement between inside and outside. Oh, and these colors will be balanced by the solid oak counter top and the birch colored cabinets.

(click the images to see a better view)

I love some parts of our modern life so much. These days if you need to go to the hardware store to pick up something you know nothing about you can just take a picture of it and bring it with you. fool proof construction supply shopping. This week we have be referring to my role in the remodel as the "Getter of Things" I've been everywhere. Wait tell you see the wonderful kitchen faucet I picked up for $35 at the Rebuilding Center. Damn! I'm good.

Chad had some fun with the drywall demo.
I feel like I really know my house now.
The chi is finally unblocked! The fridge is in the proper location. This alone made our day.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Kitchen: Demo Day

Here are some shots from yesterdays exciting activities. It went really well.

No time to write but stay tuned for more over the coming days. it's going to be wonderful!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Introducing Structure Massage

Look! It's official, the sign is up. Isn't it lovely? It's been many weeks coming but it's finally done. I came up with the concept and name, our friend Elena did the design work and Hubby made the sign. i'm so happy with how it all turned out and that it only cost around ten dollars. If you live in Portland and are looking for an amazing massage therapist you should come on into the heart of Belmont, to Structure Massage

Monday, September 08, 2008

what to do with all the corn? Sweet Corn Ice Cream of course!

we have a fridge full of corn due to the super funness of picking it straight from the stalk. Now I am wondering if we can eat it all, but I just came across this and man, now I know what to do. I'm hoping I can find a recipe that dosesn't call for an ice cream maker.

Leah from Spicy Salty Sweet (who's blog is lovely and inspiring) also wrote about Cucumber Sorbet! I get excited for cucumber water so the thought of this melting in my mouth sounds heavenly. It reminds me of an amazing tomatoes and basil sorbet hubby and I had a couple years ago at Marjorie. We still talk about it when the topic of best desert moments comes up. If you haven't been to Marjorie it is a little known Seattle Must Do. The atmosphere, food and people are wonderful. You won't be disappointed.

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 05, 2008

this afternoon in portland

i've been working from home today which is so nice because i don't have to get up as early and i can enjoy my wonderful house during the day.

today it is 75 and sunny and I've been sitting next to the window in my office enjoying the breeze and sounds of the neighborhood.

i haven't decorated yet but i have been working with the furniture layout. I really think this one is working for me. what do you think?
dirk and weetzie keep me company while i work.

i need a monitor but for now it's just me and my little mac. do you notice anything odd about this photo?

this my entry table with the dahlias chad and i cut at the farm this past weekend. the yolk is a new addition. i love the what it adds to the room. people have the oddest responses to it. most people say, "why do you have a yolk" and look very confused. i don't get this response yet.

this is the beast.
it is eating the rocking chair.
it's part of our "see what happens" attitude with the yard this summer.
now we know what all the plants do so we know how the change the landscape next year.

happy friday everyone. Go Barack!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

a surreal take on the adirondack chair

me and lovery lauren took a day trip to Cannon Beach a few weeks ago and i spotted these great chairs on someone's porch. i love this curvy take on such a classic piece.

and might i say that this little beach town was so cute. many sweet little things to photograph.