Friday, September 05, 2008

this afternoon in portland

i've been working from home today which is so nice because i don't have to get up as early and i can enjoy my wonderful house during the day.

today it is 75 and sunny and I've been sitting next to the window in my office enjoying the breeze and sounds of the neighborhood.

i haven't decorated yet but i have been working with the furniture layout. I really think this one is working for me. what do you think?
dirk and weetzie keep me company while i work.

i need a monitor but for now it's just me and my little mac. do you notice anything odd about this photo?

this my entry table with the dahlias chad and i cut at the farm this past weekend. the yolk is a new addition. i love the what it adds to the room. people have the oddest responses to it. most people say, "why do you have a yolk" and look very confused. i don't get this response yet.

this is the beast.
it is eating the rocking chair.
it's part of our "see what happens" attitude with the yard this summer.
now we know what all the plants do so we know how the change the landscape next year.

happy friday everyone. Go Barack!

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