Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Kitchen: Colors and mid week progress

Things are going well. We are a couple days behind on our original schedule but for good reason and we are feeling really good about it all. We decided to replace the window and then when we did the plumbing work it became clear that the drywall on one wall just needed to be replaced.

Here is were we are with colors. The gray is the cupboard front, the blue is the floor and the green will be a few of the walls (green is showing quite a bit more yellowy in these photos). We both decided very easily on this pallet and it fits really well with the rest of the house and looks great with the nature you can see through the sliding door, blending well with the outside was important for me. I want to create seamless movement between inside and outside. Oh, and these colors will be balanced by the solid oak counter top and the birch colored cabinets.

(click the images to see a better view)

I love some parts of our modern life so much. These days if you need to go to the hardware store to pick up something you know nothing about you can just take a picture of it and bring it with you. fool proof construction supply shopping. This week we have be referring to my role in the remodel as the "Getter of Things" I've been everywhere. Wait tell you see the wonderful kitchen faucet I picked up for $35 at the Rebuilding Center. Damn! I'm good.

Chad had some fun with the drywall demo.
I feel like I really know my house now.
The chi is finally unblocked! The fridge is in the proper location. This alone made our day.


Lauren said...

i'm amazed! this is all so impressive.

tyesha said...

thank you Lauren!

Reese McG said...

rad! that's like our living room green. love that color.

i'm excited to experience the finished product.

hubby love said...

i bet the food tastes better in there...

tyesha said...

I forgot to mention that these colors are balanced by the birch colored cabinet frames and the solid oak counter top.