Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Report from the Pie Off

So i didn't win the Portland Pie Off. But it was super fun. We arrived and set up the pies on the judging tables. i made an apple with candied walnuts and a peach custard. they both were made with my famous family crust recipe. After everyone arrived the judges started tasting, there were only 3 which seemed a little thin in order to get a good range of taste buds but it was the first year so there were bound to be some hang ups on the process. But I will say they were so cute to watch judge, they really seemed to take it seriously and have a great time. There were only 1st place prizes for the categories which left you wondering if maybe you had been a runner up. I think there were about 50 pies and maybe 100 people there to participate and watch.

I have to say my crust was amazing and the peach custard was to die for, evidenced by how quickly the crowd ate it up after the awards were given out. Isn't that so fun? After the contest everyone who was there was given a plate and we all set out to try each and everyone. Hubby Love only ate mine. Isn't that sweet. I think the apple wasn't sweet enough to sway our sweet tooth judges, but I like pie that can be eaten for breakfast, that is closer to eating fruit than desert. Many of the pies were super, toothache sweet. I guess I know what they like for next year.

The highlight for me was a beautiful absolutely delicious quiche, packed with plenty of summer veggies. i can't remember the girl's name who made it but she was as lovely as her pie. There was also a really interesting multi-nut pie. I am so dabbling in that concept come the holidays. The organizers did a really nice job of creating a fun, wholesome summer afternoon for all. Thanks Pie Ladies!

Here are the photos. Hope they inspire you to bake one up for yourself this week.


Bachelor Paul said...

Wishing you much love, peace, and happiness

chicbeadsbygermaine said...

Beautiful looking pies!

Radio Gretchen said...

Thanks for coming to our pie-off. It was great meeting you, if only briefly. Your pies were lovely and tasty. And I LOVE your Etsy shop.

Ma Snow said...

Planning on a repeat performance in October?