Thursday, April 16, 2009

Picnic Table

hi. it's hubby. how are you? well, where to begin...
it's a perfect 4 seater with plenty of head room for sure.
seems solid. safe. handles real easy, too
this picnic table is such a cinch to make you'll be cruising to comfort in your own yard in less than a day.

here's how it panned out for me...
$10.89 worth of reclaimed lumber from habitat for humanity restore.
$7.99 for a box of decking screws from my favorite hardware store in town.
$5 for sandpaper.

$23.88 for a picnic table? what a great deal! now, i could have spent $5 on petro co's wood sealer and kept the price under $30, but since getting by on the cheap,
i sprung for some of ms. nature's good stuff.

$31.99 for osmo's wood and concrete sealer from ecohaus. this blonde/red stain brushed on forgivingly (watch the drips) and one coat left a wonderful-to-touch surface that i'm looking forward to wearing down over the seasons to come.

not including the six pack, that's a $55.87 picnic table.

design from portland space's may/june 2008 issue.
somehow my copy survived dirt, mud, sawdust, beer, rain & snow...

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tyesha said...

It was a surprise christmas present for me! I love it. I have always wanted's going to be a great summer.