Wednesday, August 08, 2007

a place for a cake.

I have always loved cake. the whole concept of a cake is full of good feelings and unlimited creative possibilities. I think most of us have a cake memory as one of our very first memories.

Moms, Dads, Grandmas and Big Siblings made cakes with us, letting us stir the batter, lick the beaters and maybe help with the frosting.

We are presented at every big moment of our life with a cake. Remember, putting your whole face in the cake when you turned one? Smashing cake into the face of your newly wed spouse? Eating that crappy grocery store cake in a conference room on your last day at a job you wish you had never started, or eating that crappy cake looking around at the people in the conference room and realizing that you actually care about these people and are really going to miss each of them and this stuffy room?

In college the phrase was coined, "Make any excuse to eat cake" This seems to sum up our relationship with cake. Do we celebrate with cake or have a celebration so we can eat cake?

If you know me you know I love ritual and intentional celebrations. I love it when people care enough about the people around them and the event happening to do a little more, make it a bit more memorable. To me bringing out an embroidered table cloth to cover the picnic table can make all the difference.

This week I finally found a real, classic, cake stand. Check it out. The photos are a bit dark. The sun wasn't cooperating.

I am so happy. Looking at it fills my head with visions of fancy cakes and future celebrations. Putting the next birthday cake on this stand will give it a slight elevation into the realm of history making cakes. Not the larger history of the world but the history of my family and friends. Lifting the cover to reveal a sweet smell and closer look will be a new ritual....well maybe not a ritual but at least I can determine the exact timing of my child's nose dive into the frosting when they turn one.

I looked around and found a few lovely cake stands if you would like to get one for yourself.

I really like this concept even though it is a bit cheesy.
available here

dots are wonderful.
available at Pottery Barn

This one would look fabulous with a German chocolate cake sitting on it.
available at Target

Luigi Bormioli

find it here

Oh, cupcakes! This is a beauty. I like the recessed circles for the cupcakes to sit. Horchow

I just found the following two via The Hostess with the Mostess's June post. Thanks!


Snow Mother said...

Tyesha, I have Chad's Gread Grandmother's pink depression era cake plate. Simple but lovely. Looks great with mounds of fluffy white icing.

tyesha said...

Oh, it's even nicer when it's passed down. You should take a photo of it next time you make a cake. I would love to see it.