Wednesday, August 22, 2007

designer travel

we have a 1966 dodge dart station wagon and it is a beauty. i was thinking this morning about being on the road. i love watching the scenery go by. i actually really love looking at the ground on the side of the road. it's like a natural collage made up of what the area has to offer and what people left behind.

the one thing that i don't like is that the other cars on the road don't really add to the beauty and intrigue of the experience. wouldn't it have been great be on a road trip when the cars were works of art?

Cars are such a big part of our world now i'd like to see a bit more art, design and inventiveness in car design. wouldn't you? what if they landscape of cars was as diverse as the landscape of a neighborhood. wouldn't it be fun to express your own personal design aesthetic in with your car?


Rekoj said...

I agree on the cars - it was one of my favorite things about attending Burning Man years ago was to see all of the art cars. But I also have this ongoing discussion with my partner about the car that you choose to drive being an extension of your personality. And to a point it does seem to be true with just about everyone =)
I just found your blog through the etsyrain message boards and thought I'd say Hi! Love your blog so much I'm adding it to my reader =)
Thanks for the inspiration!

tyesha said...

Thanks for your comment!

As for the extension of your personality. I agree but don't you think there should be more variety to choose from?

What kind of car do you drive?

My other car is a VW beetle the new kind. silver.

imakecutestuff said...

Nice blog! Oh how I love Dodge Darts... :)
Yay EtsyRain!

Victoria said...

Oh, I would love to have a dodge dart station wagon! Very cool! Your blog is great!! Thanks for saying you will keep an eye out for the clothespins! I am compleatly enamored by them!!

Victoria said...

Oh, I forgot... I linked you, too!

Rekoj said...

There most assuredly needs to be more variety - more shapes and more vivid colors!

On occasion I'm known to drive a well loved black geo tracker. Big enough interior space for hauling craft, art and friends, small enough to park easily, great gas mileage and a front grill that smiles. I'm a practical but goofy kinda girl =)