Monday, August 06, 2007

pin cushions & etsy

Last Christmas I made a bunch of really lovely felt pin cushions. iIcame across a couple pictures of them so I thought I would share. (not the best photos but you get the picture)

I kept one for myself and it is just the best pin cushion I have ever used. I think I'll make some more and put them up on my etsy shop.

I'm so excited to start selling on etsy. I'm going to start with a random mix of vintage items and handmade items. It's going to be pretty eclectic at first. I'm most interested in doing it so I can connect with other people and get feed back on my designs and finds.

I've been spending a bit of time browsing shops for inspiration. Check out these lovely ladies.

Trixiedelicious. this was a featured shop today. I'm so into pretty vintage ceramics lately and i love the attitude of all her pieces.

thejunkinmytrunk. oh my goodness I love these. I just need to decide which to order then I'm going attach it to a very cute little
cardigan sweater.

belleandboo. her illustrations are so tender and sweet. and how wonderful to find illustrations with brown curly haired girls like me!

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