Wednesday, August 29, 2007

girl wisdom

my sixteen year old sister wrote the following bulletin on my space yesterday.

" Do you honestly think that it's appropriate to have pictures of yourself on myspace where you are practically naked.I mean don't you have any common decency?! Really now.. you aren't gonna get anywhere in life if you go around showing yourself off like that.. It's ridiculous how girls think if they show some skin then they are considered cool.. Where is the self respect people, do you not understand that by doing this you are only teaching boys and men to look at you as a sex objects and not as a person. It's basically sickening.. Haha You don't need to show yourself off to be attractive, less is more. Leave some stuff to the imagination.. Duh!!!!! But anyways I only wish the best for you w****s out there.. Hopefully you will soon realize that your worth more than that. But I've said enough! I hope you all have a wonderful evening!! ♥[a]."

She is a super funny girl and know she has a really interesting future in front of her. It's nice to see her personal voice coming through. And she walks the talk, she is beautiful and attractive but I've never seen her even flirt with the sleazy side of sexy. Way to go Ashley. Love you.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Yay I'm glad I made it on your blog.
It makes me feel special.
ha :]