Wednesday, August 01, 2007

oooh baby, nice shoes

i finally bought these shoes this weekend.
i first fell in love with them about 2 months ago, but i talked myself out of buying them due to finances. but i kept thinking about them so i decided i had to have them or regret it forever.

they are so so comfy and i love the handmadeness, environmentally conscienceness of them.

"Named for the paradise forests of Papua New Guinea, this 2" raised-heel shoe creates style all the while remaining earth-conscious. Pergamino leather upper is tanned from vegetable extracts, tree bark & river stones, in an all-natural process. Leather is treated with olive oil, which gives a smooth finish and protection from water, dirt, wear and tear. Thick & sturdy hand-stitched accents and buckles present a distinct feature in every style. Anatomically-correct insole made from recycled cork allows breathability & shoe hygiene. Footbed is contoured to the natural shape of the foot for lasting comfort. Recycled, high-quality rubber is used for these unique outsoles."

Oh, and the color looks fabulous on my tan legs:) i picked them up at the really great shoe store in here in Seattle but you can find them at Planet Shoes

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