Thursday, August 30, 2007


This weeks finds:

1. Ornate frame with red velvet. I foresee a new print from etsy living in here.
2. Vintage fabric with "Preserving and Pickling" motif
3. Cute elephant with butterfly figurine
4. Green vinyl seventies ski gloves
5. Drink glasses with red cross that say "Drink Aid"

1. Gold flower wall decor
2. Serious old frame to paint and add another etsy print!
3. Decoupage supply kit. How fun!
4. White duckling figurine. I'm so into white objects and vessels. I'll have to do a montage of them soon.
5. Soft fabric with circle designs. Good baby blanket material.

1 comment:

Reese McG said...

oooh i love the circle fabric and those green ski gloves are the hotness!

you always find the best stuff.