Thursday, August 30, 2007

hanging light AKA chandelier

i've been avoiding asking questions here in my blog even though i have many and would love to get some ideas and feedback from my creative readers. but since I've just started i haven't wanted to assume there was anyone there to answer my questions, but my analytics tell me there are at least 30 of you out there daily. i know that's not much in the blogging world but it makes me happy and now someone is there and i'm ready to ask a question.

have you ever made a chandelier or other hanging light? if so any advice? do you have a picture you would like to share for inspiration?

i've been thinking of starting a grand work of art. i want to make it big, shinny and super intricate. i'm thinking fabric. maybe stuff from nature painted.

i've been looking for inspiration online but only found a few of interest.


Victoria said...

What a great project to undertake! Every since I was a kid I have loved fancy chandeliers and always wanted one! The Gummy Bear chandelier from YaYa Chou is amazing!

Rekoj said...

How funny! The image from dutch by Design shares a similar idea I had for a chandelier which was inspired by a summer's gelato not too long ago - the bulb bases on the chandelier are made from gelato cups! Which I had a similar idea only turning the cups the other way and I wanted to string little twinkly christmas lights through them.
Or maybe it was just an excuse to eat a gelato a day all summer... =)