Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a little something extra

i am fan of anyone who does a little something extra. particularly in reguards to entertaining and creatating/decorating the enviroments we spend a lot of time in. for example if you are going to have a bbq in a park why not take everything out of the plastic bags and set everything out on the picnic table neatly? why not bring a cloth tablecloth (sheets work great) little bits of attention to details like this create a better environment and the photos look better.

remember the thrown together half pipe you used to hang around and skate or watch your boyfriend skate. now check this one out...
pretty awesome. something extra went into this. way to consider your environment Tim.
photos from Dwell's "Show Your Space"

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Chad said...

that's the only ramp i've seen that's not cement or plywood. makes me wanna mod skate.