Thursday, June 30, 2005

the big S

this is the time of the year when it is time to get on with things. you know that it's summer, it's been kinda nice... then not. some sunny days, you may even spend all day indoors because you know there'll be other sunny days. july 1st always gets me a bit panicked about being wet, moody and wrapped in a flannel very soon, so I'd better stop anything that doesn't allow me to fully embrace Summer with a big S.

so this weekend i'll be in oregon camping on the beach with my family. i hope to build sand castles, run trails, drink whiskey and learn something new about everyone there.

we finally got those folding camping chairs that everyone has. the kind you get for $7 at the drug store or $25 at REI (which do you think i got?) i love them because they keep you off the ground. this staying out of the dirt thing took me a while to figure out. I thought, "what's the point in going camping if you don't get dirty?" but you know what, it's often moist and damp here in the NW and the dirt becomes mud even if just for the few hours before the sun dries it out. i am also a more active camper now that I am off the ground, I can just hop up and do something, instead of pointing and grunting when I want another marshmallow.
happy summer everyone.

oh, check out this photographer. awesome.

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