Friday, July 15, 2005


i bought a new sewing machine. it's really the first one i've ever had. i've used my mom's and friend' on and off though out the years, and then a couple years ago i bought one from my grandpa, but me and that machine could never figure out how to work together.

i'm extremely excited to contribute to A Month of Softies. The ladies here are so inspiring. I am going to try and do July's sock monkey theme. wish me luck.


Leah said...

Hey Lady,

Why don't you upload some of your handiwork ... such as that kitty? You know she is dying to be seen.

amaniwater said...

I'll ask her if she's ok with the publicity. she is the first of her kind, i don't want to exploit her from the beginning.

Oh, and i have to wait for my replacement camera to arrive.

Hey, what about your robot, bug thing. She's pretty cute.

Leah said...

Exploitation, her as soon as you get a camera.

I'll take a picture of Mrs. Roboto, but the kitty is much more higher quality. Felt sucks.