Sunday, July 29, 2007

july wedding

one of my best friends in the world was married last weekend. it was wonderful. it took place in Portland, in her aunt and uncle's "back yard". take a look at a few shots i took.

our dear friend jenny designed all the flowers. they all came from her grandmothers garden in gates,or. isn't that lovely.

the style was "simple country". i it think the settings came out lovely. we hung handmade tags on the mason jars and had the guests write their names on them. this made for festive visuals (everyone holding the pink tagged glasses) and the earth loved the lack of paper and plastic cups.

many of the vintage lace table cloths were from my wedding. it was nice to see them again. it took me a year to gather them all from thrift stores.

check out the amazing dress. yes, those are feathers. she had it made at a gown shop her in seattle cicada. cicada is fast become a tradition. both me and my good friend theresa had our dresses made here too. i'll do a post about them at a later date.

i wish you could see the groom's flip flops. i love it when a groom adds his own style.

food for the bride. always remember to make a plate for the bride and groom or they may never eat.

i told rudi that if he was good. he could get a photo with the bride.

my hubby hugging the bride.

the father of the bride and the groom made this shelter together in preparation for the wedding. isn't it wonderful?


Anonymous said...

Hi Tyesha! It was a beautiful day, wasn't are a 'wedding planner' with amazing super powers. XOX Jordi

Anonymous said...

The flags in the shelter...from another special day? You are the queen of reuse and recycle. Jordy was absolutely the dress!