Tuesday, December 11, 2007

sale rack gift guide.

i love anthropologie and i really love their online sale racks. i was digging around in them and found some great gift ideas at real deals. click images to go to the site.

romance on a hanger. $99.95

silk! and this cut looks great on everyone. $99.95
ruffles and flowers on gray. $49.95

i'm not a secretary. i'm your boss. $49.95
can't keep your eyes off me. can you? $49.95

little beauties. $19.95
slip them on $49.95
can we take a road trip in the spring? please. $19.95


Lauren said...

is this post a not-so-subtle hint at what you'd like to find under the tree this year?? :)

tyesha said...

well, i wouldn't post about things i didn't like but i just thought these would be great gifts for just about anyone:)