Tuesday, August 05, 2008

my mantle

sfgirlbybay (whom i love very much) had a post on fireplace mantles today. it was super insprining and great timing since I am working on my new livingroom right now. she found some great examples. i like the one with the white framed mirror and the black ones (very unexpected)
i love our fireplace it is the perfect size and just screams possibility. hubby has suggested we paint it gold and well i kind of like that idea. what do you think?
I am also trying to figure out what to hang on the wall....something large, like a mirror or abstract painting or framed wall paper with cut out sillouettes of showdow puppets....i also like the idea of three images in beautiful frames. you'll notice in the photos that i have a print sitting there while i meditate on whether it's the right choice. this owning a house thing is making me so much more considerate of the design decisions i make. in a rental I would decorate in the first 3 weeks, now i want ever decision to be the right one. i need to be careful and not over think it though or we will end up with a watered down, over thought house.

i would love your ideas.

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