Tuesday, August 19, 2008

stacking outdoor plates

look at these lovelies. are they neat, tidy, cute and functional?
I just picked up 4 of the small and 4 of the larger plates.they are sold as outdoor dinnerware at Crate and Barrel but I think I will enjoy them daily. it is also nice to add my first plastic plates to my dishware collection for when my friends children come over. now i just need to find some great plastic cups. this past weekend i watched a 2 year old clutch one of my pretty blown glass tumblers full of ice and water and the proceed to drop/dump it on the floor for rudi. it didn't break but my heart almost did.

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Reese McG said...

I don't know why but in my mind I guess I always thought that you were not into C&B.... maybe because it's kinda mainstream and you aren't? Having said that, I love the simplicity of so many of their items. Not everything needs to be adorned or festooned. A plain white plate is the perfect slate for an artfully prepared meal.