Monday, May 23, 2005

bye bye suff

had a yard sale this weekend. it was a lot of fun. thanks to all of my friends that came by and took a bit of us home.

When ever i have a yard sale as i see people walk away with these things i don't want or need anymore i always have second thoughts, like maybe i should have kept that. kinda pathetic. i think i am in danger of becoming a magazine stacking, pen saving, knickknack hording, art supply collecting hermit who can't find her way out of her house the same way twice. better watch myself.

we sold tons of records from Johnny cash to the star wars sound track. books were also hot items.

my hubby was the price pushover, i on the other hand made quite a bit of cash holding firm to my fair prices. i figure if i just want to get rid of stuff I can take it to the local charity thrift shop, but i wanted to make some money. is that so wrong?

rest of the weekend was good. ended up at the University Street fair, didn't even know it was going on. i realized while there that when i worked that event those were the work 4 day of my life. if you want to be verbally abused by total strangers for 2 days try your hand working with craft and food vendors. those people come from some place where it's ok to scream in people's faces when you aren't getting your way, now. i always say that one of the golden rules of society is that you can't yell at anyone you don't love.

oh and i got the most awesome, cute, make you drool braclet. thanks taffy for talking me into it;)

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