Friday, May 20, 2005

clear cuts and summer camps

I just got back from a visit to the local Air force base. I've never been to any military establishment unless you count the creepy nuclear control center that my old job used as a warehouse or former bases converted into city and state parks. These parks are always slightly eerie and like a forest that has been clear cut, the ground, plants and air never seem quite right.

the base i was on today was like a small town crossed with a college, crossed with a summer camp crossed with a prison. all the people seemed so comfortable. like being in a place where everyone shares such common experiences provides confidence. as i drove through i wanted to be one of them. it's the same feeling i get when i walk on a college campus and want to be a student or visit a retreat center/summer camp and what to be on the staff.

all the people i saw where very different. the mix of race, culture and class present in the few blocks of the base I cruised through in my beetle were more diverse than any place i've ever been.

everyone wants to belong to a group. i don't even think it matters to most who else is in the group or what the group exists for. we just want the confidence that only comes when you are so completly the same as everyone around you that your differences are able to shine

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