Thursday, May 19, 2005

dark sky light sky why sky

my mood has been completly wacked out lately. when i started writing i wanted to compare it to the dymanic weather that's been happeing outside of my window at work, but i realize there is nothing dynamic or beautiful about my sudden slip into what i hate to admitt may be slight depression. actually i kid myself to think my mood is wavering between dark and light, it's just plain old dark and for no resond. i am pretty much against using an online journal to talk about how sad and depressed I am but this is so out of charater for me. i think writing about it will cause it some grand embarassment and it will run screaming from my body faster than it came in.but the weather is amazing and beautiful. the black clouds roll in and sit there..very still..i'm on edge waiting for something spatacular. then i get up to go to the printer come back and the sun is shinning like it's been there all day. sneaky sky.

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