Tuesday, October 23, 2007

killer things

these three things are wonderful. i want them.

i grew up using the lid of a pan to strain the water from what we were cooking. this method works just fine 90% of the time. i'm ok with that. the hubby grew up using fancy tools like cheese cutters and colanders. so we have a colander and i just feel like it takes up so much more room than it is worth. this one could bring me and my husband closer together.i've never been a big fan of these. they seem like a cute idea but how many of you actually remember to bring them out when guests are over? these ones i really like. they seem like they would feel great in your hand and they are so sublet and would go with most of your party decorations. (and they have nothing to do with beads. the men in your life with thank you)

i live in washington state and we grow apples. lots of apples and so many different kinds. my favorite are the pink ladies. but even though i like apple i have a hard time picking them up and eating them. i don't know why but i do know that if i had this graceful gadget i would eat apples all day.

these items are from the MoMa Store. Museum stores have the best stuff.

p.s. this is my 101 post. how cool.

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