Monday, October 01, 2007


monday + update = mondate where I catch you up since i usually don't post on the the weekends. The Front Yard Boutique went pretty well. Although we did have to cancel Sunday due to rain:( But again we met great people, sold some stuff and had a nice time hanging out in the yard all day. Rudi had a blast and then pooped out. like his tee shirt?

So while it was pouring all day on Sunday, I rearranged the living room and man it feels great now. i'm a rearrange every six months type of person and it was way over due. now i feel like i can enjoy the winter. forget spring cleaning it's all about fall cleaning and organizing to get the house ready to be in all winter. a few weeks ago i redid my studio/office/dinning room space. i think i feel a photo home tour coming on.

today i start a new job! i am so excited. no more driving a half hour or more now i just hop a bus downtown and i will work near all of my friends. i am so looking forward to yummy lunches and happy hours things that hardly ever happened when i worked in the burbs.

have a great week everyone. stay tuned for a long awaited etsy shop update later this week.

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Abbey said...

congrats on the new job!