Thursday, October 11, 2007

tango bag

in celebration of my new job and to accommodate carrying my new macbook on the bus, i purchased this lovely Tano bag. i have to say that it took a while to find something that was stylish yet not trendy. leather. can hold the macbook and more, went over my shoulder (even with a coat one) had a fabulous color (mine is actually red) and to find all this and not have to spend $500 (not that I would spend that much on a bag!) but i persisted with a little help from my friend Brandy and i found something that fit all the requirements.

If you like it you should check out some of the other ones they have or better yet look for a shop that sells them locally. They are made to be touched.

this is the style i got.
this is the color of mine. the photo does do it justice. it is the perfect red.

i really like this style too. isn't the blue wonderful. this is on my wish list if you are looking to get me something:)

i've been a lame blogger lately but it is for a good reason. my new job is awesome and i am actually staying busy! So i have to figure out how to work blogging into my after work schedule now. so please don't stop reading I will get it together soon.

I would also like to encourage you to think about your current job. Is it really serving you? do you believe in what you are doing. does the company provide and environment that makes you happy? are the people smart and fun? does the work move at a comfortable pace for you? do you see growth potential? If not, why not consider looking around for something else. it can't hurt to look and you might be surprised.


jo said...

Tano bags are sold at Quince on Grand Ave in St Paul, MN

The store looks very interesting.
Maybe you/we should stop in to visit when you are next in MN.

Anna said...
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