Tuesday, April 01, 2008

NaBloPoMo and R is for "Rudi and the River"

The McG's turned me on to National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). I guess participants are supposed to post at least one blog entry each day in April. As you can see from my last few months of posting I am out of practice and letting my off line life get in the way of my on line life (how could I!) But i miss my blog. I miss you. so I'm going to try it.

Here's how you can help:
Get on my case if it is dark out and you have yet to see a post.
Comment, comment, comment. Comments are the juice that runs this engine.
Come and read.

Well here goes........


I've been having a lot of fun taking little videos with my little digital camera (not a video camera. just using the video function on my regular camera) It is so fun. If a picture tells a 1000 words then a video must tell at least 1050. I am currently on a mission to find the best way to host my little films so i can share them with peeks. This weekend i tried out Vimeo. It has a wonderful user interface and beautiful design but I'm not sure if it is the one I will stick with.

It was some what complicated to upload my first video due to not so great error messages that didn't tell me exactly what was wrong, but after an hour or so i figured it out. In order to get something that would work on the site I had to move the file from my camera into iphoto, then import into imovie then export as a certain type of file to a folder that i could access through browsing then finally upload to Vimeo. Sounds crazy but once i did it once, i got quick at it.

the film i am about to share lost some quality in the translation so you can't really read the slides but i think it is fun to watch anyway. i hope you enjoy. Important: TURN UP YOUR SOUND

rudi and the river from Tyesha on Vimeo.

see you tomorrow.


nanny jo said...

Canine at one with nature. My grand puppy is a truly amazing animal.

Lauren said...

i would think he was a dolphin! ps. i did not know his middle name was lentil! cute.

Anonymous said...

I love this little film. Funny and engaging.