Wednesday, April 30, 2008

things about moving

so we got the house:) and will be moving to beautiful portland oregon at the end of may. as you can imagine i have been busy and preoccupied. but i do want to write all about it and i will soon but for now a post on apartment therapy hit it right on.

Best Parts of Packing:
• Taking inventory of all that we own.
• Remembering the stories attached to objects.
• Spending time with my husband, even if it's not the most fun time.
• Appreciating what we own.
• Getting rid of what we don't want or need.
• Listening to old CDs we found in a shoebox.
• Locating a lost receipt we thought we'd never find.

Worst Parts of Packing:
• Getting everything done while working and dealing with daily life.
• Stressing about whether or not we'll get everything done.
• Realizing that, despite our best efforts to pare down, we still have too much stuff.
• Tripping over boxes on our way to the bathroom.
• Eating take out because our cooking supplies are packed.
• Misplacing the phone charger and dealing with a dead cell phone.
• Feeling like we'll never finish.


imakecutestuff said...

Congratulations on your new house! I'm sad you're leaving though :( First I find out Emma is moving to Chicago and now you're moving to Portland!?! Please keep in touch and if you join PDXEtsy, please please tell me how they manage to do the amazing things they do ;)
Happy moving!

Beth Lisa Goss, Wire Tree said...

Good luck with your move! I absolutely hate packing and swear I will die in the house I have now!

C said...

Congratulations on the new abode. That you managed to make such a great pros to moving list is a feat and slightly amazing because my pros/cons would have gone something like this:

Pros: none