Friday, February 13, 2009

Complicated Conversation

I have been neglecting my esty shop (although i think of it fondly and often) but yesterday Creashines Design included by scarf, "Complicated Conversation" in her Treasury and then this treasury was put on the front page!

I sold the scarf (thank you!) and now I am inspired to get back to my machine and sweaters. It's so funny how selling something can give you such a boost. It's the connection that I really enjoy, someone out there liked something I made. I feel a special connection with all of my Esty customers, gotta get busy and make more!

One of the little things I do with my shop is write fun little descriptions for my items. Here is the description for this scarf.

"Gray and Pink met at a club one night and spent the next 48 hours together. Their conversations touched on the the unexpected, and those topics to complicated for regular conversation. If I was to show you what it felt like, it would look like this."

is my model lovely?

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