Friday, February 27, 2009

Living Rooms

if you're like me your home is a living, breathing, changing animal. i rearrange, move decoration, bring new items in, take old things out, constantly. i respond to my moods and what i totally believe is the mood of my home, and adjust, improve and mess up all of my previous carefully placed arrangements. i also have a house mate, my hubby and he has ideas from time to time so we move things around then too.

i like many of you are addicted to decorating and design porn (see link list to the right) but i always wonder how the rooms got that way and what they look like as the seasons change, when someone gets a bug at 10pm to rearrange the living room or they are just messy on a Tuesday night.

I came across these photos today from Ana Laura Perez via Daily Candy and I just love see a beautiful room in a couple different states.

I think I'm going to start a Flickr group for this. Yes!

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