Wednesday, September 12, 2007

motel art

motels seem to be the hottest venue for art installations these days. this weekend you can find art in portland at the 2007 Affair at the Jupiter Hotel and many of Seattles finest can be found at Aqua Art Miami during the Art Basel Miami Beach in December. But guess what Seattlelites, on Friday a motel very close to home will be invaded by artists for one night only.

The Bridge Motel, the one just off the aurora bridge exit to Fremont is being torn down. Such a shame because it is a wonderful landmark, i love how it contributes to the landscape of a city fast becoming a townhouse farm. But before it is torn down Motel #1 will be happening on Friday form 5-midnight.

.. For one night, its last night of existence, the Bridge Motel will be dressed up and called to shine and dance ... Numerous installation/performance artists have been given full rein the week prior, to transform each dilapidated pocket into whatever they could imagine. The opening evening will reveal the Bridge's final blossom before its inevitable razing. And to top it off, every inch of the motel will be crawling with performance artists, injecting the animation and energy of truly ephemeral art."

There is no way I am going to miss this, I've lived close to this motel most of my time in seattle and it had been the topic of many "i wonder what's going on in there" thoughts." From the look of these flicker photos, just what you might think is what's going on in there.

Should be cool. I'll give you a full report next week.

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ambika said...

I'm going to forward this to my boyfriend. He'd talked numerous times about taking photos here; I'm hoping he'll want to go b/c this sounds too cool to pass up.