Monday, September 24, 2007


i love google photo search. today i typed in "vintage dress yard sale" (i had a good reason) and I got these great results

so many fun photos and links to great blogs. i don't know about you but i find it difficult to keep up with all to great blogs that are out there. when i start going through my list of must reads it can take me hours to fully enjoy them and everytime i visit site i learn of another few good links. what is a girl to do? read more!

so here are i found through this google search. if you don't already read them you might want to check them out. oh, but please keep reading mine:)


Jenny F said...

You are so easy to read and your blog is so calm. Very nice.

tyesha said...

thanks Jenny!

Melissa H said...

Hey, thanks for the mention (although I can't imagine why my blog came up with your search criteria). Maybe because I talk about my mom always going to yard sales? Anyway-hope you enjoyed the tutorial
-Melissa, Under Construction