Thursday, September 20, 2007

our website loves martinis

so have you noticed the trend of business websites adding blogs to their sites? what do you think about this? is it a movement to convince us that there are real people behind these online products or at least give us the impression that real human desires are defining the direction of the site not just a corporate, money making machine calling the shots. or just a new way to inform customers of products and features?

I guess we are supposed to feel like we could influence the site by leaving comments and interacting with the authors and other members of the site. Or maybe we are supposed to like the voices behind the blogs so much that we choose their products over another. Or maybe it's all about the current trend of creating community whereever and whenever it can be created.

I haven't fully flushed out what I think about this and I'm sure that there are many different flavors to this new method of marketing? communicating? community creation? Some of these blogs must be written by professional writers hired to project a specific image and some are probably the real deal.

Microsoft has a blog called
Zune Insider described as " Music, culture and the inside scoop from Cesar Menendez a Microsoft employee working on Zune-Microsoft's new music project" and Yahoo has the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog "Our new blog connects you to the people and products that can help you make sense of the ever-changing world of online marketing, and offers a community forum for sharing news, tips and strategies." and I stumbled into the Evite blog yesterday. Each of these seems to have a different angle. What do you think? All I know is I feel like i must be slightly on guard when reading "blogs" these days. what their angle? who are they?

I must say I did find something i like on the Evite blog. S'more martinis! I don't care if they are trying to influence me a medium that I have a natural trust of due to the years of exposure to independent forms of this medium. This is a wonderful fall beverage. Can you see it. Me and all my friends dressed in a coordinating fall pallet of fleece, corduroy and velvet (possibly plaid). Sitting around a beautiful fire pit with the sun setting over a horizon of fall colored leaves. my golden retriever at my feet as i pass out this wonderful drink in antique glasses.


Dawn said...

As someone who does freelance writing, and often surfs through a site offering gigs to freelance writers, I can assure you that there are plenty of blogs that are not written by the person who purports to write them--they are written by freelancers, trying to make a couple of bucks. So your suspicion is valid. :)

Chad said...

i don't even have to drink one of those to wipe the stickiness off my lips and face. in fact, i've got tears of paper napkin stuck where the stick used to be. i need to go inside and wash my face.

jo said...

I'll have to tell dad about this one. He's SO adventurous - always willing to try a new drink!

Dad said...

...sun setting over a horizon of fall colored leaves. my golden retriever at my feet as i pass out this wonderful drink in antique glasses....Does Rudi know about the golden retriever coming into his life?

Pop Art Diva! said...

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